Why invest in employee wellbeing ?

What do we mean when we talk about “wellbeing?”

Wellbeing and good mental health in general, covers many aspects of how we feel about our lives, jobs, and relationships.

Our feelings of wellbeing at work are affected by experiences with colleagues and management, the work we do, or how productive, rewarded or useful we feel. Employers can have a significant influence on our sense of wellbeing, which in turn,  impacts the wellbeing, productivity and longevity of the organisation itself.

But don’t just take our word for it:

  • In 2015 the London Business School found that organisations with good employee wellbeing outperformed in the stock market by 2-3% per year over a 25 year period;
  • FTSE 100 companies showing best practice in supporting employee wellbeing show a higher shareholder return than average – 61% vs 51% and organisations promoting good health and wellbeing are 3.5 times more likely to be creative and innovative according to the World Economic Forum in 2010.

In these challenging times, employee wellbeing is under pressure. Changes to work patterns, external stresses coming from Covid-19 and associated risks to loved ones, challenges from lockdown, changes to income, education, the expectations and responsibilities placed upon us as citizens, parents, sons, daughters: all are brought to bear before we get as far as our roles at work. And we also know how challenging these times are for employers.

The Counselling Centre offers a service which can be introduced into a wider package of employee wellbeing options.

We offer a programme of counselling, with highly qualified and experienced counsellors, to support staff so they are better able to function effectively at work. Through a fixed number of sessions which can be timetabled to suit the individual employee and/or their work schedule we can offer support without waiting lists and in confidence.

Research shows that “Presenteeism” where an employee turns up for work but cannot perform to normal levels due to emotional stresses or poor mental health, costs the UK economy around £15bn per year.  This is a hard phenomenon for employers to track as it can be so hidden. Yet a brief programme of counselling, made available at the right time, can make a significant difference both to the employee and also  their colleagues, who may be left in a position where they are picking up the slack.

Sickness and sick leave costs companies in the region of £700 per employee per year, and there are close links between good mental health and good physical health and resilience to infection.  A programme of counselling under an Employer Assisted Programme can cost as little as £350 per employee, and the possible benefits for all are easy to see.

In fact the benefits often go much further, as a comprehensive wellbeing package, with counselling as a component, can attract good people into an organisation, contribute to a positive brand image and assist with staff retention – a significant gain in its own right, since the average total cost of filling a vacancy in the UK is around £6,000.

The Counselling Centre operates Employer Assisted programmes for many organisations across a number of different sectors and we would be happy to discuss this in more detail if you feel it could benefit your organisation too.

Schemes cost nothing to set up, are flexible to suit the nature of your organisation and your workforce and can be put into place quickly and easily.

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