We provide high quality, affordable counselling for adults

Our skilled counsellors are psychodynamically trained and will help you understand how past experiences, worries about the future, or what goes on for you unconsciously may be affecting your life. You can find out more about the psychodynamic approach to improving mental health here.

Counselling is arranged on a once-weekly basis in fifty-minute sessions, and can be on either an open-ended basis or for a set number of weeks. We work with you to find out which option is most beneficial.

Open-ended counselling

Open-ended counselling, without a fixed number of sessions, offers you the opportunity to explore whatever has brought you to counselling at your own pace. You meet with the same counsellor, weekly, until both you and your counsellor feel ready to end the work.

Brief- Focused counselling

If you have a particular issue to focus on, a briefer, time limited arrangement can be effective in addressing your needs. You meet with the same counsellor, weekly, for up to 12 sessions.


Sessions can be arranged between 9am and 9pmĀ  Monday to Friday and some Saturday mornings subject to counsellor availability. We try at all times to avoid long wait times before counselling can begin.


During the Covid-19 situation our counsellors are working on-line or via the telephone, with a restricted number of in person sessions at our rooms which are a short walk from Tunbridge Wells Station. We look forward to returning to a full in person service as soon as the situation allows.


We are committed to ensuring counselling is available to all who need it; we offer rooms at a separate location for disabled access.