Accessibility Strategy for the Counselling Service 2020-2023


The Board of Trustees and Centre Management team regularly review the Centre’s mission, strategy and accessibility of services. A new strartegic review was started in August 2023.

Our counselling service aims to be available to all adult members of Tunbridge Wells and nearby villages and towns in West Kent and East Sussex. However there is no defined geographical limit and clients can self-refer.

The Centre’s charitable mission is to make professional counselling available via affordability through our assisted places scheme. Through this scheme we offer signififcant subsidies to our fees which we sustain through our own fundraiaing initiatives.

It can happen that a client’s place of work means coming to The Centre for counselling is more feasible than their home address suggests.

Nevertheless, the majority of the Centre’s clients are residents of Tunbridge Wells (78%) and immediate surroundings and for the Centre’s overall strategy it is this geographical area which sets objectives for meeting potential needs.

Strategic Aims

For the period August 2020 – July 2023 our objectives have been to:

  1. Sustain the client gender balance in keeping with local population statistics (48% male, 52% female) –
  2. Attract more young adults into the service – to support early intervention advantages, and reinforce the representation of younger and older adults in the community. In the service 11% of clients fall in the age range 18-25 – a reasonable representation of the population of the community which is around 22% (given that many young people are absent at further education) and older members of the population – our client base in the 65yr+ group has grown year on year from 8% to 12% in the 3 years to August 2023. This reflects well the aging population in our community now comprising 17%.
  3. Train to enhance existing counselling capability with respect to neuro-atypical adults to allow the service to be further promoted for their needs