There are times in all our lives when we feel unable to cope.

Sometimes the reason is clear and we know where to find help but at other times it is more confused. It is at these times that counselling can be beneficial as a way to gain insights and improve our mental health.

Talking to a counsellor who is impartial and skilled can help you work through your difficulties and to find solutions. Without giving advice, or telling you what to do, your counsellor will support you in finding your own answers, so you can better understand and manage your feelings and live life more fully and freely.

Counselling may help if you are:

  • Experiencing any kind of loss, bereavement or trauma
  • Suffering from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression or finding it hard to cope
  • Struggling with personal or family relationships
  • Having problems adjusting to change, perhaps through redundancy, early retirement or illness
  • Facing a problem that is hard to talk about
  • Not feeling good about life and don’t understand why

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