Children, Young People, Parents

The Counselling Centre began as a bereavement support service in 1989. Since then we have been providing mental health support through affordable, accredited counselling within Tunbridge Wells and surrounding communities.

We have a highly experienced bereavement support team who are just a phone call away…

Children 5-11

We work with every child at their pace; we can liaise with schools to provide support there, or at The Centre. Every child is an individual so we will support them for as long as it takes. We are just a phone call away…

Young People 12-18

Young people may be able to talk about their feelings, but many find this difficult; we are equipped to be able to interact and engage with a variety of approaches. We work with young people at school or at the Centre. We are just a phone call away…


Support for a parent equals support for a child or children in the family; children instinctively feel better when their parent feels better; we can guide, give insights and provide support through the grieving process. We are just a phone call away…

Our service is based on one to one age-appropriate support for children and young people through the grieving process.

Sessions may be held at school or at the Centre’s consulting rooms in Central Tunbridge Wells.

Our volunteer practitioners all have in depth training and experience of working in this field.


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To discuss our bereavement support services – email us at or call us on 01892 548750.

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