We are a self-financing, non-profit making charity.  Our charitable aim is to make counselling affordable based on ability to pay; we operate a sliding scale of fees which are outlined during your initial assessment with us.

Initial Assessment Consultation

A fee of £50 is payable at time of booking for the initial assessment although we offer concessions for those who find this amount difficult due to low income, unemployment or serious financial hardship.

Counselling Fees

Weekly counselling fees are explained during the initial assessment.

They will then be agreed by you and your counsellor in your first counselling session. You will be asked to pay what you can realistically afford.

We operate a sliding scale of fees from £15 to £50 per session

Fees are paid via standing order or direct bank transfer.

Private Health Insurance

There is no guarantee that private health insurance will cover fees for our service. Insurers may only cover a limited number of sessions. There is often a requirement for a BACP accredited individual counsellor, rather than the BACP accredited service in order to be covered by the policy.