Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (BACP Accredited)

Applications are now CLOSED for our Diploma course, starting in September 2024. 

Information about our Diploma Course

This two year part-time course is designed for those who want to train to practice as a psychodynamic counsellor. Our Diploma includes weekly supervision and the clinical placement to fulfill the client work component. Fees therefore include supervision, the clinical placement and training seminars.

The September 2024 Diploma will take place on a Wednesday for the first two years.

To complete the Diploma, trainee counsellors must acquire a minimum of 150 hours of supervised clinical practice.

A third year, primarily for clinical  practice, will include some additional training delivered as Saturday morning workshops. Costs for this third year vary and will be discussed during the final term of the second year.

In the first year, the training day consists of two seminars (2 hours duration), and an experiential group of 1.5 hours.

In the second year the day comprises three seminars and an experiential group.

Each seminar leader has a personal style and specialist skills that influence the focus and direction of the seminars.

The curriculum has a ‘spiral’ shape in that concepts are introduced, explored and re-visited in greater depth later on in the course.

Please note: the experiential group work is an essential component of the psychodynamic training we provide. It is therefore a requirement that applicants have completed a Certificate in Counselling Skills with an experiential group work component.


Please contact Jo Brown on 01892 548570 or via email joanne.brown@thecounsellingcentre.org.uk

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