The Counselling Centre is a centre of excellence for affordable, professional counselling and training.

 We’ve provided expert, effective counselling to people across the South East for over 30 years. As a registered charity, we believe high-quality counselling should be accessible to all, for as long as it’s needed.

About our counselling

Our counselling is:

Professional: As a British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (BACP) Accredited service, we are held to the highest standards of clinical practice. By choosing The Counselling Centre, you can be assured that your counselling will be professional, ethical and robust.

Affordable: We are committed to ensuring counselling is accessible to those who need it. As a charity, our fees are based on what you are reasonably able to afford, starting from just £15 per session. We work hard to avoid long wait times.

Effective: We offer psychodynamic counselling on either an open-ended or time-limited basis. Our model of counselling offers more than a bandage in times of need; we help you to get to the root of your problems, support you to build resilience and bring about long-lasting positive change.

 About our counsellors

Our counsellors and psychotherapists are trained to the highest standards. All are individual members of the BACP and are required to undertake regular further training to ensure the quality and ongoing development of their practice. The expertise and experience they bring to their work at The Counselling Centre is a key asset.

A Centre of Excellence

One-to-one psychodynamic counselling for adults is at the core of our service at The Counselling Centre.

In addition, we provide:

Continuing professional development for qualified mental health professionals.