The Counselling Centre – a centre of excellence for counselling

We’ve provided effective counselling for over 35 years. Our charitable mission is to make professional counselling affordable and available for as long as it’s needed.

Our counselling is:

Affordable: fees are based on what you can reasonably afford from  £15 per session.

Available : We aim to avoid long wait times. From when you first get in touch we will offer you an initial appointment within 2 weeks.

Weekly session times are arranged Monday – Friday between 9am and 9pm and some Saturday appointments

Professional: as a British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist (BACP) Accredited service, we work to the highest standards of clinical practice. Our work conforms to the BACP code of ethics. Coming to The Counselling Centre means that your counselling will be ethical, professional and robust.

Effective: we offer psychodynamic counselling. This model helps you get to the root of your problems, support you to build resilience and bring about long-lasting positive change.

How do you know if this approach is suitable ?  We offer an in-depth initial assessment appointment so you can understand more about how we work.

Our counsellors are: trained to the highest standards and are all individual members of the BACP.  Professional standards mean all are required to undertake regular further training to ensure the continued quality and ongoing development of their practice.

Counselling is offered according to a strict code of confidentiality as part of our ethical standards. A full explanation of what this means will be given in our initial assessment and during counselling.

We offer:

One-to-one psychodynamic counselling for adults (18+).

In certain circumstances we can offer telephone or online (via Zoom) counselling.

In addition, we provide: