Why Don’t they Just Leave?

Domestic Abuse Awareness Training for clinicians  led by Henu Cummings, CEO of DAVSS

Part 1 Sat 24th April  a half-day online workshop    Cost: £40 (50% proceeds donated to DAVSS)

DAVSS is an award-winning charity supporting victims of domestic abuse, aged 16 and above, in West Kent. Vital support is given to clients who have experienced domestic abuse. DAVSS volunteers, supported by professional staff, listen without judging, provide telephone support or meet clients, prepare individual bespoke safety plans, support clients to court if needed and help them begin to rebuild their lives.

Outline – Part 1

  • What is Domestic Abuse?
  • Signs to prompt us to recognise Domestic Abuse
  • Questions to ask 
  • The language to use when working with victims of abuse
  • How Domestic Abuse affects victims and wider family
  • ‘Why don’t they just leave?’
  • How to think with clients about leaving 

Part 2

An experiential workshop where we think about how to work with domestic abuse in sessions. Date, time and cost to be confirmed

For further information and booking details

Please contact Shireen Hart, on 01892 548570 or email shireen.hart@thecounsellingcentre.org.uk

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