CPD Workshop

Your Relationship with Money and Charging – with Cathy Towers

Sat 18th June 2022 10am – 4.30pm 

Cost: £95 external, £65 TCC trainees and Friends of TCC, £47 for TCC Counsellors and Free for Senior TCC Counsellors

Cathy Towers has over 30 years’ experience as a therapist in private practice and has made most mistakes in that time.  She sees relationship with money as one of the biggest obstacles to therapists being successful in private practice and also an area where we can create huge healing via the therapeutic relationship. She runs workshops that explore the impact and significance of financial exchange between therapists and clients, as one element of of what she calls Business Therapy: putting your relationship with your work on the couch.

Cathy also teaches Improv and coaches on speaking in public about your work…she has a habit of facing head-on the topics which she finds most challenging.


This workshop explores elements of your relationship dynamic with money and its exchange in your work (whether in private practice or voluntary sector).

With arguments about money being the top predictor of relationship break-up, our ability to attend to financial exchange with clarity and confidence is essential in creating good communication patterns, and in building a safe and healing therapeutic relationship.

We will dive into money through a variety of ways: beliefs; the spiritual law of giving; drama triangle and other psychodynamics, symbolism; the changes since the pandemic and the increase of online therapy on the financial dynamic. There will also be space to bring particular issues, such as: What is fair? What is viable? What if the client cannot afford us? Where do I position myself in a crowded market?

Cathy does not tell you what to do as there is no right or wrong way, but facilitates you through your relationship with money so you can be consistent and thoughtful in how you handle finance in your therapy work (whether you are on a placement that charges the client, in private practice, or just thinking about it

Aims of the workshop

  • To improve your overall relationship with money and handling it your therapy business
  • To understand the psychodynamics which can occur
  • To explore how money can symbolise different things to different people and how that might affect what happens around financial exchange
  • To enable participants to be more clear and more confident in making decisions regarding money in their work, and for that to suit personal situation and experience.

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