Why Don’t they Just Leave?

Domestic Abuse Awareness Training for clinicians led by Rosemary Bodiam

Sat 19th June an online CPD 10am-3pm  Cost: £60 

Rosemary Bodiam is a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor, Group-Analytic Psychotherapist, Social Worker and Supervisor. She has many years’ experience of working with survivors of domestic abuse both in statutory and voluntary agencies.


Whilst domestic violence is known to be under-reported, research in the UK has shown one in four women and one in six men will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime (Motz, 2014).

Interpersonal violence between intimate partners, both heterosexual and same-sex, is known to exist and the dynamics of this are complex and primitive.

New research has revealed that the coronavirus crisis has dramatically compounded domestic violence against women. Two- thirds of women in abusive relationships have suffered more violence from their partners during the pandemic, according to an investigation by the BBC’s Panorama undertaken with Women’s Aid. Three-quarters of victims also say the lockdown has made it harder for them to escape their abusers.

Aims of the workshop

This experiential workshop provides an opportunity to think about how we work with domestic abuse in sessions.

It will be a space in which to consider the following :

  • What is the impact on us when working with survivors of Domestic Abuse?
  • How to spot when Drama Triangle dynamics are being enacted
  • What feelings do we experience and how to work with the countertransference
  • How to work with the dynamics of violent/abusive relationships
  • The issues of safety and risk management

For further information and booking details

Please contact Shireen Hart, on 01892 548570 or email shireen.hart@thecounsellingcentre.org.uk

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