Fees for courses commencing in Autumn 2021

Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling Skills

The course fees for the Certificate are £1,600 for the Autumn 2021 course and are made up as follows:

£50non-refundable selection fee, payable on application
£550deposit, payable on acceptance of a place
£1000balance which can be paid either in full at the start of the course or via instalments at the beginning of terms 1 & 2

Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (BACP Accredited)

The fees for each year of the Diploma are £4,500 for the course starting in Autumn 2021. A selection fee and the fee for the external psychotherapy interview, which forms part of the application process, are in addition. There is also a small termly fee for the third year. Please see below for a complete breakdown of the costs:

£65Selection fee, non refundable, payable on application
£4,500per year (years 1 and 2)
£500deposit, payable on acceptance of a place, which will be deducted from the total fees of the first year
£300per term in the clinical third year until award of the Diploma
£120As part of the Diploma application process, applicants are interviewed by an external psychotherapist, this is in addition to the course fees.

For further information on our Autumn 2021 course fees

Click here for information on how to pay :How to Pay details Sept21

Otherwise please contact Shireen Hart, on 01892 548570 or email Shireen.Hart@thecounsellingcentre.org.uk

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