What our clients say about us

"The service I received was excellent and has helped me enormously. Most of the time I feel like a different person"


"Identifying the root causes of my current difficulties has helped me the most - understanding why I struggled"


"Thank you for providing an invaluable service to Tunbridge Wells"


"Thank you - this has changed my life. Keep doing what you are doing because there's so many people that need your help and don't even know about the support out there"


"I would like to say how truly grateful I am for your counselling service. It felt a little alien in the beginning, but the trusting relationship that counsellors and clients develop is so powerful."


"I cannot thank you all enough for helping me through such a difficult time of my life. I felt so safe, and comfortable as soon as I walked in to the time I left. Thank you to my counsellor!"


"I have much greater peace of mind."


" I really appreciated the flexibility my counsellor was able to give me. I never felt out of control of my counselling or that anything was expected of me."


"She was fabulous - I can't recommend her highly enough."