Covid-19 - Training Department

Changes to the Training Schedule in the light of Covid-19

Information for trainees and training applicants

26th March 2020

Due to the evolving government position on Covid-19 the TCC management team have considered and reviewed the current training schedule for both our Certificate and Diploma courses. 

To ensure we continue to deliver a robust training programme to The Counselling Centre’s high standards going forward, we will be restructuring the teaching timetable across the year both for current and future training.

We have decided to pause all training for our 2019-20 academic year with immediate effect, and resume term 3 in the Autumn (September to December 2020) for our existing trainees. As a result the start date for our next Certificate courses has been pushed back to 2021, running from January to December 2021. Similarly, our next Diploma course will now start in January 2021. 

Our application process for the now revised start date of January 2021 remains open and we anticipate that our Certificate and Diploma applicant interviews will be held in June and July.

Danielle Niccolls
Head of Training

The Tunbridge Wells Counselling Centre






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