Three reasons why it’s good to talk

The Time to Talk campaign places a spotlight on the role that talking plays in helping us manage and improve our mental health.

It also highlights the benefit that talking therapies such as counselling can bring. But what exactly is it about talking that makes it therapeutic and how does that work in the context of counselling?

Here, we provide a quick three-point overview.

Why talking works

The process of talking – speaking our inner thoughts and feelings out loud to someone who is actively listening – is inherently beneficial. Thoughts and feelings take on a new guise when expressed and witnessed in a safe situation. There is a freedom that comes from being able to speak honestly and openly, and counsellors are trained to help you achieve this.

How talking works

When you take part in a session with a counsellor, all of the talking happens within a secure, carefully crafted and entirely confidential relationship. Your counsellor is focused exclusively on you and your personal agenda. They are expert at actively listening to you. They are able to connect with your emotions and work with them, but they do not get emotional themselves. They are always impartial; they are there to help and not to judge.

What talking achieves

Based on what you talk about, counsellors can help you find insights into any difficulties, help you understand the root causes of problems, and help you find your own answers. Counsellors are skilled at identifying patterns, links and priorities in your narrative of which you may be unaware. Awareness provides the opportunity to understand, change or resolve things.

Time to talk?

At The Counselling Centre, we provide psychodynamic counselling that is designed to deliver long-lasting change. and, as a charity, our service is designed to be affordable to all.

If it sounds like you might benefit from counselling with us and you feel that now is the time to talk, get in touch with us today by email or by calling 01892 548750.

If you – or anyone else – need help urgently, please call 999 or contact The Samaritans on 116 123.

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